All leadership preparation programs and pathways play a critical role in the development of school leaders for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Programs and pathways provide the foundation for helping candidates develop and apply their leadership knowledge and skills as outlined in the Massachusetts Professional Standards for Administrative Leadership. Among these are the knowledge and skills in setting direction, creating a professional learning culture among staff, supporting individual teacher development, and engaging families and community to improve student learning.

Submission Deadlines and Reporting Dates

Review the PAL submission deadlines and score report dates.

Program Alignment

The PAL assessment system is designed to measure the most essential work of school leaders through four performance assessment tasks. The tasks are aligned with the Massachusetts Professional Standards for Administrative Leadership. The PAL assessment system is complementary to preparation program and pathway content and formative assessments, which are also aligned to the state standards.

pathways illustration

A graphic labeled alignment, consisting of three circles.
The text MA Professional Standards for Administrative Leadership is in a central cirle. There are arrows pointing the right and left of the central circle to two other circles. The cirle on the left reads Preparation Programs and Pathways. This circle has an arrow labeled Candidates that points to the circle on the right. The circle on the right reads PAL assessment. This circle has an arrow labeled Program Data that points back to the cirlce on the left.

As preparation programs and pathways prepare candidates for leadership positions, the PAL assessment will be used to evaluate candidate preparedness for the purposes of licensure. Preparation programs and pathways will be able to use the assessment results to inform program changes and continual improvement.

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